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teacher: “don’t forget to read this summer”

me: “oh, don’t worry”

*aggressively reads fan fiction all summer*

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Her face was puffy, and there was a scab on her forehead, half-hidden by a lock of brown hair. “What happened there?” he asked her. The girl turned away. “It is nothing,” insisted her mother, a stern-faced woman in a gown of green velvet. A necklace of golden seashells lopped about her long, thin neck. “She would not give up the little crown the rebel gave her, and when I tried to take it from her head the willful child fought me.”

“It was mine.” Jeyne sobbed. “You had no right. Robb had it made for me. I loved him.”

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If I look back, I am doomed, Dany told herself … but how could she not look back? I should have seen it coming. Was I so blind, or did I close my eyes willfully, so I would not have to see the price of power?

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""You mean a date? A date-date? Like an actual date?’" …And this is an actual date, with actual dating going on. It’s an actual person and there’s no cameras and there’s no Slade Wilson and there’s no super-villain — and no one is trying to kill anyone."

—Marc Guggenheim, with Zap2It, on Oliver and Felicity and their date-date [x] (via smoakandarrow)
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DW +  Favorite Scenes
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So is this how it works Doctor? You never interfere with the affairs of other peoples or planets, unless there are children crying?” 

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That’s okay. We’re all stories in the end.

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Tumblr: Only a heartless person would scroll pa-
Me: *Scrolls past*
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